[Black Friday優惠] Udemy 黑色星期五優惠:所有課程低至US$9.9

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Udemy剛推出咗Black Friday優惠,所有課程由US$9.9起,真係一百蚊都唔駛就可以學到!



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[Black Friday優惠] Udemy 黑色星期五優惠:所有課程低至US$9.9

  • 慳家即睇👉👉👉[Black Friday優惠] Udemy 黑色星期五優惠:所有課程低至US$9.9UDEAFFBF18👈👈👈按此立刻享受慳家優惠

Udemy係全球最大網上學習平台之一,基本上你想學乜都可以在Udemy上找到online course網上課程去學,想學樂器?有、想考PMP?有、想學經濟/投資/網站設計/營銷?全部都有,仲要係好平添!在香港你想上一個course仔分分鐘要幾千蚊,在Udemy只需幾百蚊!更重要係,Udemy剛推出咗Black Friday優惠,所有課程由US$9.9起,真係一百蚊都唔駛就可以學到!呢D課程分分鐘原價係要過百蚊美金架,現在只需US$9.9咋,真係超抵!


仲有仲有,在Black Friday正日(2018年11月22日至23日),你在Udemy買一個course,就可以在Cyber Monday期間(2018年11月26日至27日)免費攞多個呀!超正呀,真係平到呢!

精選慳家@香港推介:[Black Friday優惠] Udemy 黑色星期五優惠:所有課程低至US$9.9>即刻去睇睇優惠詳情啦!
[Black Friday優惠] Udemy 黑色星期五優惠:所有課程低至US$9.9

  • To earn a free credit, buy an eligible course between 12:00 a.m. PST on November 22, 2018 and 11:59 p.m. PST on November 23, 2018. Purchasers who qualify will receive a local currency credit equivalent to $9.99 USD, depending on account currency setting. There is a strict limit of one credit per user, and additional purchases will not make a user eligible for multiple credits.
  • Credit will be issued on or before Monday, November 26, 2018 and must be redeemed by 11:59 p.m. PST on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. Credits not used by this deadline will be void and will no longer be available within your account. Earned credits will show as “pending” in your account until they are eligible for use.
  • To be eligible for credits, a user’s account must be in good standing. If you request a refund for your entire qualifying purchase, the credit will be removed. Free course enrollments will not count as a purchase for the purposes of this promotion.
  • This offer is not transferable and only available to the owner of the account through which the qualifying purchase was made. Credits cannot be redeemed via the Udemy mobile app. Offer not available in Canada or Australia. Offer not available on purchases made with Boleto.
[Black Friday優惠] Udemy 黑色星期五優惠:所有課程低至US$9.9


  • 慳家即睇👉👉👉[Black Friday優惠] Udemy 黑色星期五優惠:所有課程低至US$9.9UDEAFFBF18👈👈👈按此立刻享受慳家優惠